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Sexy Ghost Boy: Sexy Golf Boy

George Fenn

The enigmatic Sexy Ghost Boy (George Fenn) returns with this satirical, supernatural sequel lampooning the lifestyles of the rich and famous.

A new performance by unpredictable big brain comedy morsel George Fenn (Wanted: Blaze of Glory, How to Apology, Router Sidewalker). The show grinds together Clown and Burlesque to create a decadent 50’s inspired wet dream all without uttering a word aloud.

Imagine if Wolf of Wall Street felated Madmen in a Golf Cart as it careened into a Yaught wrecked on a sandbar.

Cabaret Comedy Dance Theatre

7th May 2021 - 8th May 2021

Fri 7 May, 8:30pm
Sat 8 May, 8:30pm

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