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Zen Zen Zo NZ

TOAST is a Physical Theatre performance presented by Zen Zen Zo NZ, devised from scratch to explore our celebratory and problematic relationship with food and bodies.

TOAST touches on themes of ritual, shame, expectation and diversity. The hour long piece, divided into 3 acts: ‘Eat Toast’ ‘We’re Toast’ and ‘A Toast’ is presented as a degustation of bite-sized vignettes with elements of humour, beauty and the grotesque.

TOAST will take the audience on a relatable journey created from the words of the people, researched during lock-down. Devised, directed and produced by a team of physical theatre obsessed performers, this multi-disciplinary, innovative work crosses boundaries between contemporary theatre and dance (inspired by the Butoh tradition), melded together with a strong visual aesthetic.

Dance Theatre

16th Jun 2021 - 5th Jun 2021

Thu 3 Jun, 7:00pm
Fri 4 Jun, 7:00pm
Sat 5 Jun, 7:00pm
[There is a rogue boob in one scene and]

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