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Your Me

Amy Jansen

Your Me is an operatic musical looking at the different facets of loneliness. As many of us have discovered, unexpected isolation removes the distractions of daily life and we have very little choice but to look at ourselves and our mental health. Loneliness was an overwhelming experience for so many, however it is not an experience singular to those who are on their own. Loneliness comes from feeling that there is not the depth of connection within existing relationships that a person desires. This means one can feel as lonely in a large group of friends as when alone, and be equally lonely in a relationship as when one is single.

Loneliness is something that so many of us experience in our lives and yet so often it is hidden away and goes unspoken. Your Me is an exploration of these feelings from someone who has carried and managed a deep loneliness for most of their life.

Music Theatre

30th May 2021

Sun 30 May, 6:00pm

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